Saturday, 7 February 2009

Welcome To The Show

#3: Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! Quoting one of the secret messages included within this album: "Welcome to the Show!", we now move onto the missing seven tracks that define the difference between both formats of this album. "Beatles Forever" is a subject all on its own so we now look at how the six other deleted gems can be found: "Hello My Old Friend", "Mandalay", "No Way Out", "After All", "Buildings Have Eyes" and the original 1983 version of "Endless Lies". Let's go through the list!

"Hello My Old Friend" and "Mandalay" (still) can only be found on the 1990 US 3CD release "Afterglow" (Epic Associated #Z3K46090). "No Way Out" can also be found on "Afterglow" but was also included as a bonus track in the 2001 reissue of "Secret Messages" (Epic #5024962). "After All" was the 'B' side to the single "Rock & Roll Is King" (Jet #A3500) and can currently only be found as a bonus track of the 2001 version of "Secret Messages" (note that a much shorter 41 second version was found on the original "Secret Messages" 2LP). "Buildings Have Eyes" was the 'B' side to the single "Secret Messages" (Jet #A3720) and can only be found on "Afterglow". This is where it gets a little complicated! "Endless Lies" turned up on the 1986 release "Balance Of Power" but it was not the original version ... this was slated to appear on "Secret Messages" and that 1983 version was the third and final bonus track on the 2001 expanded remaster of "Secret Messages". So there you have it! Six tracks, two released on vinyl as 'B' sides, four from "Afterglow", three from "Secret Messages" (2001 edition), one track released twice as alternate versions, all six available in some form on CD ... all except (of course) for "Beatles Forever"! By the way; "Secret Messages" (2001) misses out the 20-30 seconds of 'secret messages' at the end of "Rock & Roll Is King" on the LP and original CD release (Epic #4624872).

So now you know how to gather seventeen out of the eighteen tracks of the originally intended "Secret Messages" double album. Yours Truly KJS will address this in more detail later but next time it'll be time to investigate "Beatles Forever" a little more closely.

Until next "Time" in the ELO (and related) Universe ... KJS ... 07-Feb-2009


  1. There was a second pressing of the 2001 Secret Messages CD which has the correct ending to the album

  2. "After All" (long versión) was released for the First time on CD format in the "FLASHBACK" 3-disc compilation box, that fact is mentioned in the track listing between brackets.